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Beijing-Jeep Cherokee in matte-black in China

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We continue our matte-black coverage of the Chinese auto news with this imposing Beijing-Jeep Cherokee, earlier today we had a whole bunch of matte-black Americans. The Beijing-Jeep Cherokee is half American, it was made in China by the Beijing-Jeep joint venture from from 1984 until 2009, and Beijing auto still makes a semi-legal clone called the Beijing Auto Works Knight S12.

Beijing-Jeep Cherokee in matte-black in China

This matte-black machine is further sexed up with high suspension, big fat wheels, blacked out alloys an what seem to be two extra white fog lights, which isn’t very good because fog lights at the back need to be red! What an idiot owner indeed, but the rest of his car is perfect. The Beijing-Jeep Cherokee was available with the 2.5 four-cylinder and the 4.0 six-cylinder. This blacky got the big one under the bonnet.

Beijing-Jeep Cherokee in matte-black in China

We will focus a bit more on the Cherokee the coming months, including a story on my very own 1998 2.5. Cash-for-clunkers and the penguins sadly make sure the Cherokee is suddenly disappearing fast from town. Fortunately I picced about a zillion different cars when it was still everywhere…

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  1. Possibly the 2 rear ‘foglights’ are actually hi-power reversing lights for the driver to see thru the dark windows when reversing on a dark/wet winters night ?


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