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Spotted in China: Saab 9000 CD

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Spotted in China: Saab 9000 CD

A very neat and well conserved Saab 9000 CD, seen in a typical 1970’s neighborhood in Beijing. The 9000 CD is a very special car, especially for China, since it was never exported here. This then is likely an ex-diplomat car that somehow ended up in an old area of town.

Spotted in China: Saab 9000 CD

The Saab 9000 was made from 1984 until 1998, the 9000 CD sedan arrived in 1988. This particular example in Beijing is the facelifted variant which was made from 1994 until 1998. The 9000 CD was available with four Saab-developed engines; a 150hp 2.3 liter four cylinder, a 170hp 2.3 liter turbo, a 200hp 2.3 liter turbo and a 210hp 3.0 V6. The black Saab in Beijing had the 170hp turbo.

Spotted in China: Saab 9000 CD

The Saab 9000 was based on the Type Four platform that was developed with Fiat, the platform also underpinned the Alfa Romeo 164, the Fiat Croma and the Lancia Thema. None of these fine cars were exported to China but a few months back I did meet a Croma.

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  1. These are actually wonderful cars, very spacious, very safe, immaculate build quality and a great turbo engine.

    I really hope that Saab will return soon.

  2. What a delightful find. And it’s not a Chinese copy of a Euro car either.
    I too can only wish in my fanciful dreams that Saab might rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes of the appalling American bean counters and banking mess and the complete abandonment by the Swedish Government of its own pre WW2 independence principles in refusing to maintain the glory that was Saab.
    You are correct. the virtues and values that were Saab, especially before the Fiat-Lancia badge engineering were exemplary, and a fine foil against the utilitarian blandness and safety of the workaday Volvo.
    Now, because of the insane and destructive political correctness that has gripped Sweden in what can only appear to be some sort of subservience to the USA banking and political governance influence, what hope can there be for Saab automobiles…?
    The longer things are left lie fallow the more likely Saab will became a mere memory like so many other fine pieces of engineering design and art such as Britain[‘s Riley and Mini – despite ten Mini name now being owned by the Germans, it is no longer the characterful car it was when it was British. It is no more than a trendy little BMW.
    Perhaps Saab will become like Riley and so many other works of industrial art; a dinosaur to be kept as an enshrined relic by the Saab motor clubs around the world, but never ever again a proper motor car with such unequalled safety and aesthetic design.
    The safety aspect was no exaggerated claim either. A relatively recent BBC Top Gear programme devoted a lot of time examining Saab, including a dramatic and severe crash test measured against a BMW of similar weight and dimension. The BMW was totalled in a high height crane drop onto its roof. In exactly the same drop the Saab retained its essential cabin structural integrity with the likelihood of passenger survival. The BMW’s occupants would have been killed, according to the seasoned presenters.
    However, if there were a band of wealthy architects and design engineers out there who might band together to resuscitate Saab, then I would dance naked at their celebration table and be among the first of the new customers….

    – Alexxxx


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