Audi R8 breaks down in China, after a Long Trip

Audi R8 breaks down in China, after a Long Trip

An Audi R8 with engine problems, seen by a friend of reader Josh F. in the great city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, thank you for the picture! This friend told Josh that the Audi had temporally license plates issued in… Beijing, and that it drove the whole way from the Capital to Shenzhen. Flying distance is 2000 kilometer, but the actual driving distance is about double that.

A hell of a road trip! Hopefully it just needed some oil. Local police was at hand to protect to Audi from the local populace, across the street a heavily pimped Audi Q7 with bike racks.

One thought on “Audi R8 breaks down in China, after a Long Trip”

  1. Looks like the picture is made at the Ocean City shopping mall. (typical streets lights) I have seen more cars pretend a breakdown there while actually waiting for their wife or “er nai” who is shopping…. Parking on the streets near this mega shopping mall is not easy and the underground parking is so big, the poor wife / er nai would never be able to find the car back.

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