Spotted in China: Fiat X1/9

Spotted in China: Fiat X1/9

A very rare and very beautiful Fiat X1/9, seen in a flash by a friend of a friend in the great city of Jinan in Shandong Province. The Fiat X1/9 was made by Fiat from 1972-1982 and subsequently by Bertone from 1982-1989. It was never exported to China so how this red example ended up in Jinan is a complete mystery, it is the first Fiat X1/9 we have ever seen on Chinese soil. The X1/9 was available with two engines: a 75hp 1.3 and a 85hp 1.5. We will try to get more pictures!

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  1. An old friend of ours had one of these types of old Fiat two seaters, might have been this same model, I dont really remember. But it used to break down every other week it seemed. That didnt stop the old ladie to drove it around though, she would kick it and there it went again.

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