Record Breaking Battery Power

If you believe batteries are only fit for powering small household items, think again. The humble battery is capable of extraordinary performance – smashing a golf cart past the 100mph barrier and driving some models of electric car to speeds of 270mph!

Take a look at our info graphic below to learn all about some of the amazing achievements inspired by battery-powered vehicles…

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One thought on “Record Breaking Battery Power”

  1. What’sthe matter ? All these news are quite dated and not really impressive for the expert of this field. The key point that matter in the EV battery is the energy density and cycle life. The Lithium ion Phosphhate cells are an old technology that has a very low energy density, just around 100 wh/kg when the best battery used today in the market are over 300 wh/kg. High energy density means the possibility to achieve very long range, over 800 Km with one charge , as already demonstarted by the world range record for homologated EV ,got in Shenzhen almost 3 years ago

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