Warning Signs in Your Car’s Rear View Mirror

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Rear-view mirror in your car is important for your safety. You should keep it clean and check for the following warning signs in them:

Auto-Dimming Doesn’t Work

Auto-dimming is a good safety feature in modern-day rear-view mirrors. The rear-view mirrors have sensors that spot the lights from headlights of vehicles behind you. It automatically turns the rear-view mirror dark to control the excessive glare and reflection from the headlights of the car behind you and provides you safety. If the auto-dimming feature does not work, it may indicate problems with the rear-view mirror. You should try to clean the back of the mirror where the sensors are located to see if the problem is resolved. If the problem is not resolved, it means that the sensors are damaged and you will have to buy a new rear-view mirror.

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With regular use, the rearview mirror of your car can get discolored due to wear and tear. This happens generally due to debris which gets in touch with the rear-view mirror. Discoloration in the rear-view mirror impacts your visibility and needs to be addressed. You should use a soft and clean microfiber cloth to clean the rear-view mirror of your car. Using a mild cleaner is recommended which will not corrode the mirror further. If the discoloration persists even after continued cleaning, it may mean that the rear-view mirror of your car has been damaged beyond repair and you may have to replace it with a new one.


If your rear-view mirror is scratched, it can seriously reduce your visibility, especially while driving in bad weather or low light conditions. The scratches can develop on the rear-view mirror due to dust and debris which can accumulate on it during driving. You should also be careful while cleaning the rear-view mirror. If you use a dirty cloth to clean it, the contaminants on the cloth can come in contact with the rear-view mirror and scratch it instead of cleaning it. If the scratches are too pronounced and it is difficult to get rid of them, you must consider replacing the mirror immediately.

Rear View Mirror is Loose

Many drivers use their car’s rear-view camera to hang decorative pieces or artifacts. While it may look attractive, it harms the rear-view mirror slowly. The rear-view mirror becomes loose when heavy things are hung from it. Slowly, it can become too loose and may even fall down suddenly while driving. Such a situation can compromise your safety while driving. You should not use the rear-view mirror to hang anything. You should also continuously check if the rear-view camera is loose, and if so, you should tighten it to prevent it from falling.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/highway-road-trucks-windshield-car-2606937/

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