Top 10 Cars Which Your Girlfriend Will Definitely Love

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Hyundai Getz was released on the market in 2002. Since then, this small car has won the hearts of many thousands of girls. Getz attracts with its compactness and reliability. Small on the outside, it is quite spacious on the inside. This economical model spends from 4.5 to 6 liters of gasoline per 100 km, and at the same time, it is quite frisky.

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The appearance of this big-eyed makes us smile. This is one of the most popular cars among female drivers. However, the first impression is always deceptive. Outside, the Matiz seems tiny, but this sensation is lost inside of it. It can comfortably fit four adult people. True, preferably not very tall ones; otherwise, their legs will get cramped.

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  1. PEUGEOT 206

Peugeot 206 is a real fighter who is equally good for city driving with a speed limit and for a free country track. In addition, it is universal: the possibilities of the 206th will please every rookie and will not disappoint the experienced users. It is sensitive, has a precise and reliable braking system and excellent dynamics. But you should not exceed 130km/hour on this thing. It isn’t made for such speeds.

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  1. MAZDA 2

Mazda 2 was released to the market in 2007. This model is for those people who are accustomed to the combination of a powerful engine and an elegant design. Despite its relatively small size, it is rather quick.

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Nissan Micra belongs to the category of cars that immediately make you like them. Micra is for those girls who are not used to being in the second place.

This is facilitated by both the unique design of the model and its dynamic characteristics. Engine power goes from 80 to 88 hp; this car is pretty much made from all the speed lovers out there. But of course, as with any other car, you should not forget about safety.


It seems that the Ford Fiesta was drawn based on all the fashion shows that its designers have seen. In profile, it resembles a sports car. It is predatory, elegant, sexy, and sophisticated at the same time. Even the colors of the new Fiesta seem to have been stolen from the pages of glossy magazines.

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This is one of the best affordable cars on the market. It was released to the public in 2006, and it immediately won itself a large fan base with its briskness, maneuverability, as well as both flirtatious and elegant design.

This baby is a godsend when it comes to a relatively limited budget. The basic configuration includes ABS, seven airbags (including airbags for knees), protective bars in the doors, double seals to improve sound insulation, and air conditioning.


You have probably heard about this car from all of the weird ads that popped on TV in the late 2000s.

Corsa can be adapted to the individual needs of each driver. If you like to spin the pedals in your free time, know that there is a hidden console in the rear bumper which holds a pair of bicycles.


Volkswagen Golf is the choice of those motorists who expect comfort and convincing dynamics from a car rather than a stylish appearance. Golf is one of such cars. It is like a reliable and confident man, behind whose wide back you can hide from all the things that get you worried.

Those who choose the Golf, know exactly why they are doing that. The car’s brakes are reliable, it is easy to control it, the insulation is excellent, the dynamics are amazing, the grip is great even on wet surfaces, and the Golf also has very comfortable seats which do not hurt your back even during long journeys.


In its second generation, the Skoda Fabia has risen to a completely different level of quality. The appearance has changed for the better – now, the beauty called Fabia rules the market. It kind of looks like the legendary Mini Cooper.

Fabia was originally conceived as a female model. It has soft rounded shapes without any hint of aggression to it. Feeling of femininity is only emphasized in the cabin. A lot of compartments, where it is convenient to put different things into. This ensures that your car will not be cluttered with an abundance of different items all over the place.

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