All You Wanted to Know About Passing a G1 Practice Exam

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To be able to ride vehicle in Ontario, the first and the foremost thing that you need to do to get driver’s license is to pass the “Ontario G1 exam”. For this, it is very important to know how the test is structured and what type of questions is answered in the test.

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Pattern of test

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Ontario’s G1 exam is basically a written form of test that assesses the competency and knowledge of a candidate in terms of road rules and signs. This test is comprised of 2 multiple choice exams featuring 20 questions.

Both of these exams have to be taken in written format only. One of the exams covers Ontario road signage, whereas the other one has to cover the road rules of Ontario. There is practice site for G1 test that would guide you about the test pattern.

 To pass the Ontario G1 exam successfully, it is important to answer a minimum of 16 questions out of twenty questions correct in each individual test. If you fail in any of the tests, then you are required to go back and again take a test with a fee.

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When will I be eligible for a complete G driving license?

 Post a year with an Ontario’s G1 license, or eight months for those who attend the driving school at Ontario can take the Ontario’s G2 road test. Once you complete one full year with the G2 license, you are eligible to take the test for a complete Ontario’s G driving license.

How to get success in G1 driving test Ontario?

 Improper preparation has been one of the major causes for failing in the exam. So, preparation is the key to be successful in passing for the test at the first attempt. If you are not well-prepared for the test, then there are chances that you may struggle to clear the exam. The exam is easy for safe drivers who have dedicated a good amount of time to study the road rules.

Where should you appear to take Ontario’s G1 Driving Test?

 License testing procedure is performed in Ontario Drive Test Centres. This is a privately-owned firm that deals with everything related to Ontario driver testing. The following road test and the written driving test can easily be taken at any location closest to you.

You need to understand that you won’t be able to take your road test till you pass the written G1 driving test and keep the G1 license with you for a minimum of one year. Your G1 / G2 license will expire in 5 years of time after receiving the original G1 license.

So, it is required to get a complete G license in those 5 years so as to not undergo the pain of taking the G1 driving test again. Once you successfully complete the full G licensing system, simply renew of the license is needed in every 5 years according to Ontario’s law.


 By getting all the information pertaining to Ontario’s G driving license test along with good preparation, you can easily crack the test at the first attempt.


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