The New Changhe Beidouxing Is A Dressed Up Suzuki Wagon R

Changhe Beidouxing

This hip little white baby is the new Changhe Beidouxing, looking very ready for its launch on the Chinese car market in September. The new Beidouxing will be manufactured by Changhe Auto, now part of the Beijing Auto Industry Corporation (BAIC).

The outgoing Changhe Beidouxing is a continuation of the Suzuki Wagon R+, manufactured in China by the Changhe-Suzuki joint venture. This fate of this company is uncertain after the takeover of Changhe by BAIC. As of this moment the Suzuki Beidouxing is still on sale, selling for 39.900 to 44.900 yuan and powered by a 97hp 1.4 liter petrol engine.

Another car of the Changhe-Suzuki joint venture is the Beidouxing X5, an extended variant of the Beidouxing that is being sold under both the Changhe and Suzuki brand.

The X5 is priced from 46.900 to 51.900 yuan and is powered by the same engine as the base Beidouxing. White car is the Changhe version, and…

… this red example is the Suzuki.


Beidouxing: 3400/1575/1670, and wheelbase is 2335.
Beidouxing X5: 3664/1610/1722, and wheelbase is 2485.
New Beidouxing: 3950/1740/1690, and wheelbase is 2530.

There is no match in size so it seems unlikely that the new Changhe Beidouxing is based on either the outgoing car or on the X5. But interestingly they will continue to use the Suzuki-derived 1.4 liter engine, now tuned up to 101 horsepower.

No Suzuki badging anymore. Badge on the left: Beiqi Changhe. Beiqi is short for Beijing Qiche, meaning Beijing Auto. Badge on the right is Beidouxing. More on this interesting vehicle as we get it…

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Ady LM

It would look fine if the wheels wer bigger. Is there a reason why many Chinese cars have small, tiny wheels?