Factors That Determine How Often You Need New Brakes for Your Car

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The lifespan of your brakes can be difficult if not impossible to determine. It all depends on how you use your car. This also goes for the engine oil and how often you should change it. The good thing worth noting is that, you should always inspect your vehicle in all aspects to know what it needs and the kind of service it should get. Old engine oils can greatly affect the lifespan of your engine and thus the need to check them regularly. For your brakes, consider the following factors:

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How often you drive your car

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If you are frequent driver, in terms of mileage, then you probably brake now and then. This is mostly the case for an urban driver in the case of the urban traffic. This means that you may need to replace your brakes with new ones soon.

The load you tow using your vehicle

The higher the load you tow using your car, the more wear and tear your brakes will suffer. To take good care of your car, you have to service it now and then in order keep it in good condition. Apart from the brakes, you also have to consider the type of engine oils you put in your car. It helps to know how to check and change the engine oil in order to prolong the life of your engine and car in general.

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The weather condition

It will definitely affect the lifespan of your braking system. During the winter, the brake pads tend to slide more often and thus the need to replace them. This is due to the limited friction that takes place in order for the car to come to a halt one you press the pedal. If you mostly drive in a cold weather, you may need to replace your brakes more often that in a hot or warm climate.

The terrain of the road you are driving on

If you are driving up or down a slot or hill, then you will need to replace your brakes now and then. It is all in the braking system. If you constantly brake, then you may need to buy new brakes for your car when they get worn out. The more you brake against a huge force, the more your brakes wear and tear and this may require you to replace your brake pads within a short period. However, for those who drive on a near flat surface or terrain, their brakes do not wear and tear as much.

The kind of a driver you are

Are you the kind of a driver who finds thrill in driving fast or are you a docile one who takes it slow? If you are the former, then you have to be ready for replacing your brake pads now and then. It is all in how you use your car. For a fast driver, you have to keep stepping on the brake pedal for emergency braking in order to bring the car into a sudden stop. This wears out the brake pads and also the rotors. In that case, it will depend on how fast or slow you drive your car.

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