ZX Auto launched a huge Weishi 1949 pickup for $24,460

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ZX Auto, or Zhongxing Auto, is best known for its pickup trucks. But over the years, they have also made several passenger cars, mostly without much success. Today, ZX Auto is returning to its roots and launches its largest pickup called Weishi 1949 (Chinese: 威狮1949). The previous concept name was ZX Auto G9.

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Weishi 1949 is the first full-size pickup truck in China, will cost between RMB 155,900 to RMB 209,900 ($24,460 – $32,800). The “1949” represents the establishment of ZX Auto in 1949. This is enough to show ZX Auto’s importance to this pickup truck.

The front face of the new car is powerful and authoritative. Weishi 1949 adopts a borderless front air intake grille. The large-size light sets on both sides combine to form an integrated design. The engine cover uses multiple mighty ribs. The whole machine cover gradually bulges toward the middle part, and then combined with the overpowering design of the front surround, the front of the entire car looks full of momentum.

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In addition, the new car will also be divided into two versions – a passenger version, and a commercial version. It will come in two sizes. The body length, width, and height are 5392/2045/1965mm and 5692/2045/1911mm, respectively.

Weishi 1949 pickup also has good power performance as a symbol of strength. It is equipped with Renault-Nissan 2.3T diesel and Honeycomb 2.0GDI gasoline engines. The 2.3T diesel engine is jointly built by Renault/Nissan and has a power of 163 hp and a peak torque of 380N·m.

ZY Auto will launch a gasoline version in the future, traditionally matched with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission. Its passenger version will adopt a front double-wishbone independent suspension/rear five-link plus spiral spring plus integral bridge suspension design, while the commercial version of the rear suspension will be in the form of a helical spring plus integral bridge.

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ZY Auto has a long history of pickup trucks with the most famous ZX Terralord. They also launched several passenger cars, but they mostly failed. We are happy to see ZX back where their strength is and will keep an eye on that!

Edit: In a previous version of the article we mistakenly wrote ZX is part of GAC. More information in comments.

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  1. I don’t think that Zhongxing is a “part of GAC (Guangzhou Auto)”, although the joint venture of the two, formed in 2013, failed, and was dissolved in 2017.
    Zhongxing has become well known for its pickups and SUVs, but I don’t think that the company produced passenger cars other than the “Urban Ark” launched around 2013. During the above mentioned joint venture, Changfeng Auto had turned over rights to its Liebao CP2 sedan, but that passenger car never went into production.
    Because of its limited offering of vehicle types, the company has struggled to stay afloat, and with the onset of electrification, it is questionable whether it can survive the current tidal wave of change.

    • You are right Dragn, thanks. It’s fixed now. There is a timeline with some more information adding to your comment.

      ZX is a pickup maker in Baoding that constructed a new factory in Yichang, Hubei. But before the factory’s opening, ZX converted it to a joint venture with GAC, and the Urban Ark was made there. In 2016 the central government suspended several production permits, including the one of ZX Auto for passenger cars. ZX Auto focused on pickups again, and the Yichang factory became a GAC Trumpchi assembly plant. (We haven’t checked if ZX Auto still holds equity in the factory).

      Timeline: established as Baoding Automobile Repair Factory in 1949, a PLA workshop
      1970 starts making light trucks for the army based on Beijing chassis
      1983 PLA returns control of factory to Baoding local government. Tries to forge a joint venture with Toyota to make the Hilux pickup. Deals don’t go ahead, and Baoding Repair Factory copies the Hilux and sells it under the Tianye brand.
      1992 Renamed Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Manufacturing. Car brand remains Tianye. Makes pickups, SUV, MPV, and vans.
      1999 Acquired by Brilliance
      2001 Brilliance sells shares again. There are several investors but eventually, return to government control.
      2008 Company reorganized under bankruptcy proceedings. Brand name changes from Tianye to ZHongxing/ZX Auto.
      about 2010: Yichang factory construction starts
      2013 Yichang factory becomes JV with GAC, production of the Urban Ark starts
      2016 Government pulls ZX passenger car permit

      Since then, ZX only makes pickups, although there have been a few ZX passenger cars in the MIIT notices this year.

  2. Interesting although it would need a bigger engine to move such a big frame. Hope they build it with a V6 and sell it in latin america


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