BYD Seal Started Sales In China With 530 HP And Starting Price Of 31,200 USD

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The BYD Seal was launched in May 2022. Now its sales have started in China. The Seal is an electric sedan with up to 700 km of range and 530 horses with a starting price of 209,800 RMB (31,180 USD). It also features the newest BYD e-platform 3.0 and adopts CTB (Cell to Body) technology. Later, the BYD Seal would launch in Australia branded as BYD Atto 4. Let’s get acquainted with the BYD Seal.

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BYD Seal Basic Info

We will start with some basic information about the BYD Seal. It is a sporty four-door sedan with a smooth shape and drag coefficient of 0.219 Cd. Some folks say that the Seal’s appearance is close to the Porsche Taycan due to its overall design and headlights. We won’t judge the design of the Seal, but we’ll highlight that its drag coefficient is slightly better than the Taycan’s (0.22 Cd).

The Seal is a compact sedan with exact dimensions of 4800/1875/1460 mm and a wheelbase of 2910 mm. So, if you wonder, it’s much smaller than the Taycan. Actually, these two EVs aren’t competitors. The main rival of the Seal is the Tesla Model 3 with dimensions of 4,694/1849/1443 mm (2875-mm wheelbase). So the Seal is 06 mm longer, 26 mm wider, and 17 mm higher than the Tesla Model 3. The Seal’s wheelbase is 45 mm longer than the Model 3’s.

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Seal’s chasis

The BYD Seal can be RWD or AWD. The entry-level model has a single electric motor on the rear axle for 150 kW (204 hp). And the more expensive model got a motor for 230 kW (313 horses). As for the top-trim level of the Seal, it has two electric motors with a combined power of 390 kW (530 hp). It can speed up from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. The Seal’s top speed is limited to 180 km/h.

As for the batteries, there are two of them. They both are LFP for 61.4 kWh and 82.5 kWh. The Seal’s CLTC range lies between 550 and 700 km, depending on the battery. The Seal AWD has 650 km of range. BYD says the 4WD Seal’s energy consumption is 12.7 kWh/100km. And the battery can charge 300 km in just 15 minutes.

BYD Seal Interior

The Seal’s interior has a lot of ‘ocean’ styling. For example, the air vents of the Seal have a wavy pattern and are decorated with a delicate blue trim. The steering wheel of the Seal has three spokes and a flat bottom. Its shape looks like a fish’s tail. As for the main screen, it has a 15.6-inch diameter and can rotate landscape-portrait. The entry-level Seal got 10 speakers. But the costlier models go with 12 Dynaudio speakers. The cheapest Seal also lacks front heated and ventilated seats, a 220 V plug, ambient lighting, etc.

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BYD Seal Tech

As mentioned, The Seal stands on the e-platform 3.0. Its main benefits are safety, space, and comfort. It also has CTB (Cell to Body) technology. It means the Seal’s battery is integrated into the frame. With CTB technology, the Seal’s floor is the top cover of the battery. It may sound dangerous, but according to BYD, the Seal’s battery can handle a 50-ton pressure. Another benefit of the CTB technology is the torsional rigidity of 40,000 Nm/degree. It is slightly less than the Porsche Taycan, with 42,000 Nm/degree.

BYD is also very proud of Seal’s iTAC (Intelligent Torque Control System). It can control each wheel’s speed by more than 50 ms in advance. BYD claims that the iTAC system allowed the Seal to pass a moose test at 83.5 km/h.

BYD Seal Pricing

The Seal Price Tag After Subsidies

The entry-level Seal costs 209,800 RMB (31,180 USD). It goes with a 61.44-kWh battery and a 204-hp electric motor. It got a 360-degree camera system, the L2-self driving system, 10 speakers, and a 5G connection on board. The second trim level costs 222,800 RMB (33,100 USD). It still has the same battery and electric motor. But it got 12 Dynaudio speakers, ambient lighting, and heated & ventilated front seats.

The third trim level Seal costs 259,800 RMB (38,600 USD). It goes with an 82.5-kWh battery and an electric motor for 230 kW (313 hp). This version has the longest CLTC range of 700 km. As for the top-trim level, its price tag reaches 286,800 RMB (42,630 USD). It has AWD and two electric motors with a combined power of 390 kW (530 hp). Its range reaches 650 km (CLTC).

All in all, the Seal is a really exciting EV. Chinese customers think the same, as it was pre-sold 22,637 times in six hours after launch in May this year. We will keep an eye on the BYD Seal, so stay tuned!

Source: BYD, BYD Weibo, Autohome

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