First Tesla Model Y with BYD Blade battery rolled off the production line in Germany. Its performance is surprising

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The first Tesla Model equipped with BYD’s LFP battery rolled off the production line in Berlin, Germany. It is the first time when Berlin Gigafactory manufactures vehicle with a battery from a Chinese brand. Moreover, the Model Y with BYD’s battery showed surprising charging efficiency by adding 60% of the charge in 15 minutes. Let’s get to know it better.

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BYD’s and Tesla’s tough friendship story

Tesla Model Y in German plant

The story of the BYD and Tesla relations was always covered with mystery, and there was never an official confirmation that they can cooperate in any way. The thing is Tesla and BYD are the two biggest NEV (New Energy Vehicle, a term that covers PHEVs, EREVs and BEVs) companies in the world. So they have a tough competition with each other in the Chinese market in terms of sales. Moreover, BYD started to launch in lots of overseas markets, also competing with Tesla there. So the rumors of BYD becoming the Tesla’s supplier will strengthen its positions. Here, we will remind you that BYD’s subsidiary FinDreams develops and produces its own batteries called Blade batteries. They are mainly LFP with CTP (Cell-to-pack technology).

Anyway, on May 4, German media confirmed that Tesla’s German plant started the production process of the Model Y equipped with an LFP Blade battery from BYD. And now, the first Model Y with BYD’s battery has rolled off the production line.

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First Tesla Model Y with BYD battery. Impressive charging results.

According to German media, the first Tesla Model Y with BYD’s LFP battery rolled off the production line of the Tesla Berlin plant on May 20, 16 days after the production of this model was confirmed. However, it isn’t a production model, but a prototype. It is an entry level car that has a 55 kWh LFP battery on board for 440 km. For a comparison, in China, the entry level Model Y uses a CATL battery for 60 kWh and 455 km of range.

Some users in Germany already tested this car and shared interesting statistics. It has appeared that the Tesla Model Y with a BYD battery can maintain the 170-kW charging power. So it is available to charge 11% – 71% in 15 minutes. For a comparison, the Model Y with a CATL battery has the same performance in the early stages of the charging process, but then it rapidly drops. Speaking about the LFP battery, its charging power drops only after the battery is charged 50%. So, in terms of charging, the Tesla Model Y with a BYD’s battery is better than the one with a CATL’s variant.

Editor’s comment

As we can see, BYD’s battery proved to work well in Tesla vehicles. With it on board the Model Y will not only be affordable, but also efficient in terms of charging. It will also help BYD to increase its credibility in Europe.

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  1. The comparison of the charge speed with the Byd Atto 3 is embarrassing …
    How is it possible that BYD is not able to manage its batteries at its best?

    • BYD was already producing batteries for several years when Elon laughed at them. In his defence the E6 (the car Elon was laughing about) was not a good looking car and was not a competitor for Model S (also not imported in US).

  2. Byd Atto 3 has the same battery size, yet it charges by 3-4 times slower.
    At 50% atto 3 takes 50 kwh, model 3 175 kw.

    How is it possible with the same battery cells? Is BYD building special cells for Tesla or is the Atto 3 limited on purpose? With similar prices Atto 3 stands no chance.

  3. BYD prefer to have a more linear charging curve. All in all it is just as fast till fully charged, 100%, and is «heathier» for the batteries long term in BYD’s opinion. Elon Musk has just a different goal. Nothing dramatic, just different agendas. BYD batteries will manage both.

    • You are corrected. Tesla goes for higher initial peak charge and dies down faster as it heats up. BYD goes for the moderate and longity of the battery, surprsingly BYD Han EV was faster to 100% charged than Model 3 in a comparision test using public fast chargers.

    • When driving on the motorway, the Byd Atto 3 takes twice as long to charge compared to the Model Y. It is unacceptable, for the price in Europe


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