2024 BYD Dolphin launched in China, starts at 13,865 USD

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The BYD Dolphin Honor Edition hatchback started sales in China with a 420 km range, 70 kW e-motor, and a lower price tag. It also added a version with a smaller battery for 302 km range, reducing the starting price. Now, the entry-level Dolphin starts at 99,800 yuan (13,865 USD). It is 4.7% cheaper than its predecessor. As my colleague Jiri reported earlier, BYD declared a price war against ICE cars. And BYD Dolphin is one of the brand’s most valuable soldiers.

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BYD Dolphin Honor Edition: main changes

The exterior styling of the Dolphin Honor Edition is generally the same. The only new additions are the new body color and rim design. Its dimensions are also the same at 4125/1770/1570 mm with a wheelbase of 2700 mm. For clarity, the BYD Dolphin is 159 mm shorter, 19 mm narrower, and 79 mm higher than the Volkswagen Golf.

Inside, the new Dolphin follows the design language of its predecessor with a few enhancements. This hatchback offers ventilated front seats, a 50 W wireless phone charging pad, and a new type-C charging port. It also has a rear privacy glass. Another feature of this car is the built-in ETC system that allows drivers to automatically pay tolls on toll roads without stopping the car. The Dolphin Honor Edition still has a 12.8-inch floating rotatable screen and a small 5-inch LCD instrument cluster.

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One of the biggest enhancements of the BYD Dolphin Honor Edition is the rear suspension. Now, it has an independent suspension system, similar to the European version. Previously, lots of Dolphin drivers complained the car’s chassis wasn’t comfortable enough.

Another enhancement is the powertrain. It still comprises two electric motor options: a 70 kW one (rated power is 35 kW), and the motor for 130 kW. But now the domestic Dolphin has two LFP battery options to pick from. The first is a 32 kWh battery for 302 km CLTC range, and the second is 45 kWh LFP pack for the 401-420 km CLTC range (depending on e-motor). Later, the 60-kWh pack for 520 km range will also become available for purchase.

BYD Dolphin Honor Edition: trim levels and price range

The BYD Dolphin Honor Edition is available in four trim levels:

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  • Vitality – 99,800 yuan (13,865 USD)
    • 70 kW, 32 kWh battery, 302 km range
  • Free – 112,800 yuan (15,670 USD)
    • 70 kW, 45 kWh battery, 420 km range
  • Fashion – 119,800 yuan (16,650 USD)
    • 70 kW, 45 kWh, 420 km range
  • Knight – 129,800 yuan (18,030 USD)
    • 130 kW, 45 kWh, 401 km range
A large batch of BYD Dolphins parked next to the BYD’s Jinan plant

The BYD Dolphin Honor Edition now offers more for less money, thanks to the variant with a smaller battery pack. It is a part of the BYD’s war against ICE vehicles. This company ceased the production of the petrol-powered cars in early 2022. BYD’s founder Wang Chuanfu previously said that he expects NEV share to reach 50% in China at the 2024 year-end. However, the annual update will also help Dolphin to rival its EV rivals, such as Wuling Bingo and Baojun Yunduo (Cloud).

Source: BYD

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  1. Something went wrong; Power is not to be given in “kWh” but “kW”:

    “electric motor options: a 70 kWh one (rated power is 35 kW), and the motor for 130 kWh.”

  2. And what changes will they make for the model marketed in Europe?
    We would like rear-wheel drive, a 4WD model, greater charging power, the possibility or not of putting one pedal driving



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