Yangwang R1

BYD’s YangWang U8 Launched in China with 1100 HP and four motors

The Yangwang U8 joins an exclusive group of vehicles powered by four motors.

BYD Yangwang R1 Off-Road SUV Will Unveil on January 5 In China

This much anticipated hardcore SUV is almost here!

BYD Yangwang R1 Spied on Trailer in China With “Tank Turn” Feature

The BYD Yangwang R1 was spied in China. This time, we can look at its chassis and a tank turn feature.

BYD Yangwang R1 Off-Road SUV Render Is What We Want

So BYD can apparently do hardcore SUV

BYD Yangwang R1 Luxurious SUV Spy Shots Unveiled In China

The BYD Yangwang R1 high-end SUV exposed in official spy shots. Let's get to them.