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Paten Applied: Guangzhou Auto Gonow van

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Gonow is a brand under the Guangzhou Auto umbrella. It makes cheap SUV’s and soon it will be in the van-business as well. They are working on a new ‘CDV’, or Car Derived Van. For design the took a good look at the Nissan NV200 just as BYD did with their CDV.

This sort of car is getting more popular in China, especially for fleet sales but families start to like ‘m too for their space and practicality, and because they are based on cars the ride ain’t so bad.

Now, compare with that Nissan:

Nissan NV200. Guangzhou Auto can be proud, copying a car so perfectly ain’t easy at all.

Via: Sohu.com.

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  1. In its pre-GACGonow life it did have some experience producing vans, e.g. the Yimei or Image minivan, in connection with a Daihatsu partner called Hanjiang, which it acquired from Avic in around 2005. Like many others, it also produces the Hiace knockoff.


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