Beijing BJ2022 gets Armored in China

Published on September 16, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Beijing BJ2022 gets Armored in China

This is the bad-ass armored version of the Beijing BJ2022, seen on a police equipment exhibition in Beijing. The base BJ2022, which was developed with a lot of American help, is only slightly armored or not at all. Its role in the Chinese army is mostly scout or communications, duties for which speed matters more than protection.

Beijing BJ2022 gets Armored in China

This vehicle however is meant for the anti-riot police, SWAT, and counter terrorism units. Then indeed a little bit extra protection could be useful. The armored variant is designated BJ2036 and comes with 3 centimeter thick protective plates all over its body work, windows are 1 centimeter thick. Body can withstand machine gun fire, windows can only keep the smaller bullets out.

Power comes from the same Nissan-sourced 3.2 V6 diesel as the base BJ2022, slightly tweaked to 140hp and 380nm. Won’t be fast, but it will stop quite some terrorists…

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