Chang’an minivan in China is Not Really a Chang’an minivan anymore

Chang'an minivan in China is Not Really a Chang'an minivan anymore

A spectacular Chang’an minivan seen in a rural area near the great city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province. It is well known that these simple vehicles with their ancient engines are basically indestructible, but this particular example beats all.


The whole bodywork is gone, except for a part of the front. The vehicle is still functioning and has a valid license plate. Cars like this are officially very forbidden in China but down country nobody really cares.


The engine sits under the seats. The original cargo bay has been replaced by a wooden bed. It seems the poor old Chang’an is being used for something that required a very low car, like working in a mine of some sort.


A complete example for reference. Round headlights indicate an older model. This white example was made in 1999 and can be yours for a mere 11.400 yuan or 1800 USD. Cheap for a future classic! Engine is the proven 1.0 three-cylinder with some 45hp, mated to a 5-speed manual.

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I have a special story about the “Argentinian-made Changan SC1010 pickup truck”. In 1998, Nakai Japan S.A, an importer of motorbikes and engines from China, makes a JV with Norinco, one of the most famous Chinese industrial group, to assembly 2 vehicles: The Changan SC1010 pickup truck and the Laidong 3-ton truck. They’ve set an assembly plant in Alta Gracia, Córdoba, with a capacity of 20 workers and 300 cars per month. The cars first, they are assembled with only 28% argentinian pieces and later with 80% local pieces. But due to the bad financial support and the economical crisis… Read more »

I have the Changan mini pickup name and the 3-ton truck’s name:
Laidong Yantai YTQ 1030 CD / CS (3-ton truck) and Nakai-Chang’an SC1010 (mini pick up)