Map of Nio Swap Stations in Europe & Data Studio

PSS European Map

Tip: Click the top-left corner button to open the legend or open the map in a separate window by clicking the top-right enlarge button.

Current status: 11 PSSs in operation in Europe. Legend: green – in operation, grey – not in operation

Nio Houses & Nio Spaces European Map

Current status: 2 Nio Houses, 4 Nio Spaces

Data Studio

Nio quarterly deliveries

Source: Automaker Data

Nio, Xpeng, Li Auto global monthly deliveries comparison

You can filter n play with it.

Nio Norway Registrations

Data source:

Nio Dutch Registrations

Data source:

Nio German Registrations (Jan 2023 update later this month)

Data source:

Nio Sweden Monthly Registrations (No official update since Dec 2022)

Data source: