Two slightly overloaded Trucks in Beijing

Two slightly overloaded Trucks in Beijing

A slightly overloaded truck, Spotted in China on the southern section of the mighty Fifth Ring Road in Beijing by Reader Lao Wei, thank you for the pictures! The truck is transporting crushed hardboard pallets, and dangerously overloaded on each side and on top. The load is kept together with a only six flimsy looking ropes.


Just a little while later, under a typical Beijing heaven, yet another slightly overloaded vehicle.  This one with carton boxes containing parts for air conditioning systems, stapled far into the sky , bound together by an almost invisible net. Reader Lao Wei fortunately stayed safety on the center lane, these boxed ain’t fun falling through your windshield!

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Sadly some innocent persons’ lives have got to be sacrificed first, before the law will crack down. And those persons may have to be the kind that are high up on the social scale.