Sweet Chinese Girl in a Mercedes-Benz S350 sedan

Sweet Chinese Girl in a Mercedes-Benz S350 sedan

It is Sunday again, the day is long and Monday is waiting. Happily, we are not alone in our misery, because here we have a very pretty Chinese Car Girl playing around in a big Mercedes-Benz S350 sedan with brown beige seats. Slightly NSFW.


Our girl today has red hair, black nails, black eyes, and Pink lips. She is wearing a black dress but it doesn’t account for very much. Her shoes got some kinda tiger pattern in gray-silver and black, but I rather not look at them because they make me dizzy, and that I cannot have in these unbalanced times.


The headrest of the center seat is up. Those damn shoes got red soles.


Behind the wheel with the leg out.


No no little lady, you got to face the window when you want to drive. But maybe in the not-so-far future you won’t need, with all that autonomous driving and all. This will without any doubt lead to a lot of more love making on the road, although the auto makers oddly never mentions that when they preach the pro’s of autonomous cars.


Look carefully at the seat belt buckle, with a belt head but without a belt, fooling the beeps and blips.


How does she keep her hair on her forehead like that? The mysteries of a woman…


Black nails go nicely with black carpet.


She seems to think (!).

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