Changan CS55 SUV Hits The Shanghai Auto Show In China

Changan CS55 SUV

The new Changan CS55 SUV debuted on the Shanghai Auto Show in China, and it has become a nice looking little thing, probably the best looking Changan SUV so far. Black wheel arches compensate for small wheels and big bumper inlets compensate for small grille. All in all a very balanced design.

Changan CS55 SUV

Range Rover influences clearly visible from the side and from behind.

The Changan CS55 will launch on the Chinese car market in Q3. Price is expected to start around 90.000 and end around 110.000 yuan, positioning the CS55 in one of the most competitive segments of the market.

Power comes from a 1.5 turbo with 156 horses and 215nm, mated to a six-speed manual or automatic.

Changan CS55 SUV

Lights are a tad too large. Bumper wide mud guard with integrated pipe tips.

Changan CS55 SUV

The interior is properly funky with fiery red lines over dash, doors, and seats. The steering wheel looks a bit out dated. The touch screen measures 10 inch.

Changan CS55 SUV

Instrument panel a mixture of analogue and digital.

Changan CS55 SUV

The screen angles towards the front window. Not sure why. Maybe Changan thinks it improved readability. In a lab it does I guess, but on the road with the sun reflecting on it?

The driver won’t see a thing!

Changan CS55 SUV

Big sun roof and enough space for three on the back bench.

Changan brand name proudly on the grille, but the Changan logo is missing.

Changan CS55 SUV

Happily, there is one at the back between the lights.

A red example with a black roof. Tasty. Black wheel arches much better visible than on blue car.

Like we said; all cars should be red.

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Range Rover influences?
I think you mean Land Rover Discovery.
They are two different line of products.