Nio ET5 Touring station wagon launched in China for 31,850 USD. To hit the Europe soon.

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The long-awaited Nio ET5 Touring launched in China with a starting price of 298,000 yuan (41,700 USD). As for the car without battery (and with the battery-subscription service), it costs 228,000 yuan (31,850 USD). Its deliveries will start in China tomorrow. Later, the ET5 Touring will also hit Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. Let’s get to the details about the Nio ET5 Touring.

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We will remind you that the Nio ET5 Touring is the very first station wagon from Nio. It was first spotted in China at the end of 2022. As for the production permission from the Chinese Government, the ET5 Touring got it in March. So, it took three months to produce enough vehicles for the launch and deliveries. Here, we should also mention that the ET5 Touring was developed especially for the European markets since the demand for station wagons here is stronger than in China. However, this EV was first launched in China. As for Europe, its sales will start in late 2023 or early 2024.

What it even more interesting that Ben Collins, the ex-Stig from Top Gear, held the launch event. It was orginised in the Top Gear style. But the conference itself was more about PR-speech. Anyway, it is nice to see the Stig became the official amassador of the Nio ET5 Touring.

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Everything you should know about Nio ET5 Touring

Basically, the Nio ET5 Touring is a station wagon version of the original Nio ET5. So, these cars have the same platform (NT2), powertrain and dimensions. Speaking about sizing, the ET5 Touring’s dimensions are 4790/1960/1499 mm with a wheelbase of 2888 mm. For a comparison, it is 8 mm longer, 34 mm wider and 50 mm higher than the Audi RS4 Avant.

Speaking about the powertrain of the Nio ET5, it is represented with two electric motors with a total power output of 490 hp. The e-motor on the front axle generates 204 hp while the one on the rear axle has 286 horses. Its zero-to-hundred acceleration is 4 seconds. Speaking about the battery, there will be three variants, typical for Nio. The entry-level battery is a hybrid ternary-LFP (NMC-LFP) for 75 kWh. The second battery has a capacity of 100 kWh (680 km of CLTC range). And the last one is a semi-solid state battery for 150 kWh that will be launched next month. And keep in mind that these batteries are swappable.

A short video of Ben Collins (the Stig) drives the Nio ET5 Touring

Styling and interior of the Nio ET5 Touring

The appearance of the ET5 Touring stays in line with the ET5 liftback (often called ET5 sedan). It has the same thin LED running lights, high beams integrated in the bumper and a LiDAR sensor on top of the roof. Its door handles are retractable, similar to all Nio models. Changes actually start after the B-pillar, where the roofline curves to the D-pillar, forming the station wagon body shape. From the back, the Nio ET5 Touring got wide wheel arches, a single taillight unit, a tiny windshield wiper and a sporty roof spoiler.

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The interior of the Nio ET5 Touring is also quite similar to the original ET5. It is equipped with an LCD 10.2-inch instrument panel and a portrait-oriented 12.8-inch main screen. Above the screen, we can also notice NOMI, which is the in-car voice assistant, the avatar of one, to be precise. Under the screen, we can see a signature Nio gear shifter that looks like a small lever. There is also a set of physical buttons. And we also have to mention a wireless phone charging pad and two cup holders. And the final feature of the ET5 Touring is the steering wheel that is also quite typical for all the latest Nio models.

Speaking about the second row and the trunk of this station wagon, they are quite different from the original ET5. First, the second row occupants now got way more head room. We will remind you that a tight roofline is one of the main drawbacks of the ET5 liftback. With the ET5 Touring, it isn’t a problem anymore. Now, let’s move to the trunk. As we can see, it is quite large. It is also equipped with an outlet, straps and an LED light. The second row seats of the ET5 Touring can be folded 40-20-40. On the other hand, the trunk has a drawback, which is a small door. As a result, some big stuff just won’t fit there.

Nio ET5 Touring commercial, filmed in both Europe and China

Nio ET5 Touring features and price range

The Nio ET5 Touring is equipped with NAD (assisted and intelligent driving) system that helps users to drive on highways and urban roads. It is also capable of self-parking and even visiting a battery swap station automatically. So, it is a quite nice feature to have. It relies on the Aquila system, which is a perception system that comprise up to 33 sensors, including a LiDAR, 8 high-res cameras, 3 surround-view cams, 1 driver monitoring system, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, GPS, IMU and V2X. As for the computing platform, it is called Adam. It consists of 4 Nvidia Drive Orin chips for a total computing power of 1,016 TOPS. As for the in-car system, it is Banyan 2.0.

Now, let’s speak about the price range of the Nio ET5 Touring. It has a single trim level which is a nice simplicity move. You just have to pick the battery capacity and color options. The RY5 Touring entry-level version with a 75kWh battery is available for purchase for 298,000 yuan (41,700 USD). As for the one with the 100 kWh battery, it is available for 356,000 yuan (49,720 USD). It is a serious sum of money. But you can buy the ET5 Touring without the battery. This way, it will cost 228,000 yuan (31,850 USD). As for the subscription service cost, it is 980 yuan/month (140 USD/month) for the 75-kWh battery and 1,680 yuan/month (235 USD/month) for the 100-kWh one.. We will remind you that previously we assumed that the ET5 Touring price in Europe will be about of 65,000 USD (70,000 EUR).

The Nio ET5 Touring commercial filmed in Denmark

Editor’s comment

We will remind you that Nio is currently having difficult times in China. Because of the price war, its sales declined, resulting in a noticeable revenue decrease. So, Nio was forced to also join the price war by cutting the cost of every model by 30,000 yuan (4,200 USD). They are obviously in need of keeping the customers’ demand high. The newly launched ET5 Touring can help them for a short period. But station wagons don’t sell hot in China. So, Nio has to push its international deliveries to start as soon as possible. We will keep an eye on this situation, so stay tuned!  

Source: Nio, Nio Weibo, Autohome (some images credits)

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