Nio ET5 Touring

Nio ET5 with range boost revealed in China

Nio ET5 with 150 kWh battery and 1055 km range details.

Nio ET5 Touring earns five stars in Euro NCAP safety rating

In October 2023, Euro NCAP included the ET5 Touring model into the safety protocol of the earlier tested ET5 liftback.

Nio ET5 Touring station wagon launched in China for 31,850 USD. To hit the Europe soon.

The Nio ET5 Touring is a cool station wagon with 490 hp, 680 km of CLTC range and a starting price of 31,850 USD. Its deliveries will start tomorrow in China.

Nio ET5 Touring hits delivery centers in China. Officially launch on June 15

The Nio ET5 Touring has hit the delivery centers in China and will welcome the Chinese customers right after the official launch on June 16.

Nio ET5 Touring spotted on a trailer in China. Ready for deliveries

Nio is getting ready to start the ET5 Touring deliveries. This EV has 490 hp and a swappable battery. Later, it will be available in Europe.

Nio ET5 Touring to launch globally on June 15. Deliveries will start within a month

The Nio ET5 Touring is ready for the global launch with 490 hp and a swappable battery. But its deliveries will first start in China.