Toyota’s first electric sedan, the bZ3, sold 2,342 units in the first month after launching in China

Toyota bZ3 is the first EV jointly developed by Toyota and BYD, produced by FAW-Toyota's Tianjin factory and supplied to the Chinese market.

Toyota sold 4,794 bZ4X EVs in China in Q1 2023

After the price reduction in February, the sales of bZ4X have increased, accounting for approximately 0.5% of the Chinese EV market. The delivery of a bZ3 EV started in March and 297 units were delivered in China.

Toyota bZ3 was discounted by 2,800 USD on the first day of sales in China

Toyota announced a direct price reduction of 2,800 USD, bringing the starting price down from 27,200 USD to 24,400 USD.