Wey Gaoshan

Longest MPV in China? GWM’s Wey Gaoshan has a new edition over 5.4 meters long

Wey Gaoshan Executive Extended Edition has a length of 5405 mm, which is longer than the Denza D9, Zeekr 009, and Buick GL8 Century.

Great Wall Motor’s Wey Gaoshan plug-in hybrid MPV will launch on October 18

Wey Gaoshan is a seven-seater MPV with an onboard refrigerator. Its pure electric cruising range is 175 km.

Is it enough to rival Alphard? GWM’s Wey Gaoshan MPV revealed interior

The Wey Gaoshan MPV has 7 seats, a refrigerator for 14 bottles and a PHEV powertrain for 150 km of electric range.

Wey Gaoshan is another Toyota Alphard killer in China

The Wey Gaoshan looks like the Toyota Alphard copycat, but it has impressive tech on board. To debut at Shanghai Auto Show.