Porsche Cayman S is matte-lime green in China

Porsche Cayman S is matte-lime green in China

A very speedy Porsche Cayman S seen in Beijing, wrapped in an interesting matte-lime green and further sexed up by black alloys, a black lip under the front bumper, coolio black stickers on the doors, and partly black mirrors.


The wrap seems on very high quality and it neatly applied over the bumpers and, partly, over the mirrors. Red brake calipers combo nicely with matte-lime green and black. The Porsche Cayman is the fourth-popular Porsche in China, after the Cayenne, Panamera and 911.


Bit of black on the wing as well. Time now, for our Famous China-Porsche Cayman Collection™: wedding car, white with black alloys, 911, matte black, and pink.

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