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Chevrolet Camaro is Pink and Pink Purple in China

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A very fuzzy Chevrolet Camaro, Spotted in China in far east Beijing. The good Chevy is wrapped in two: Pink over the front, the bonnet, the front fenders, the roof, and the doors, and Pink purple over the whole rear of the vehicle. It has a black Transformers badge but it isn’t a Bumblebee. It is however, very daring.


She is really two cars. The Pink purple wrap is of a low quality. The Pink wrap is of mediocre quality. I met the Camaro on a parking lot and I talked to the attendant. He said the wrap was really bad. I pointed at the doors, which were reasonably well wrapped. He pointed at the rear fenders. Ouch! The wraps do neatly cover the bumpers, doorhandles, and mirrors, like we like to see it best. All-black windows make for a perfect contrast with Pink and Pink purple body.

The Chevrolet Camaro is a reasonably popular sporty car in China. I know someone who has one… The Camaro is officially sold in China by GM, but only the V6 models. Those who need a V8 got to go gray.  Price of the V6 starts at 455.800 yuan and ends at 475.800 yuan (74.200 – 77.500 USD). The wraps on this fine car will add another 5000 yuan, tops.

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