Tesla Model S hits a Mazda 6 sedan during a Test Drive in China

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There is just no luck for Tesla in China. After slow sales, lay-offs, competition, and near-murder they are now facing a nasty accident in Nanjing in Jiangsu Province, where a Tesla Model S collided badly with a Mazda 6 sedan during a test drive, and that alone makes it a very interesting kaboom.

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Tesla doesn’t have any stores or service centers in Nanjing, but they do have a few supercharger and destination charger stations. The nearest store in fact is 300 kilometer away in Shanghai, so this black car is likely an unofficial example. The suited lady on the left looks like a typical Chinese car sales woman, and there is certainly no lack of unofficial supply in Nanjing, either scalped, gray, or leased.

The passengers of the Model S were apparently all right, or so local media say, but no word about those in the Mazda. The front section of the vehicle is badly damaged and repairs seem impossible here. But no matter that, Tesla still has at least 2300 brand new cars in storage.

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The Mazda survived the crash much better than the Tesla, but it sure needs some extensive work. This might seem an old generation Mazda 6, but it isn’t; the first 6 is still in production, manufactured by the FAW-Mazda joint venture. The 6 goes for 129.800 yuan or $20.720, the Model S does a little more with 734.000 yuan or $118.400 for the 85.


No license plates = no insurance. Somebody will have to pay…

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  1. What’s the point of this article sound like you were shorting the stock or something. Tesla just sold the most cars ever in the U.S last month 2450 units to take the lead from Nissan for EV sales in 2015. China still living in the 80’s it will take some time for them to get charging infrastructure right there.

  2. The Tesla looks totaled. The Mazda looks repairable. Proving the Mazda is much tougher than the Tesla. Tesla can keep its overpriced junk.

    • People will never understand crumple zones and how important it is for a car to “crumple” in order to save the passengers inside. The mazda may be less damaged, but the force is absorbed by the people instead of the front end of the car. Would love to see the injuries of the people instead of the damage to the cars.

  3. Why do we not see the two cars in one photo? Why does one appear to be much further away from the building than the other?

    It’s very likely these are two completely unrelated accidents fabricated into a misleading story,


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