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The Changan CS15 SUV Goes Electric In China

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This is the production version of the new Changan CS15 EV, a new electric car based on the CS15 compact SUV. The CS15 EV will launch on the Chinese car market in Q3. The grille differs from the petrol powered car and features a blue Changan badge. Blue is the color of green cars in China.

Changan CS15

The CS15 debuted on last month’s Shanghai Auto Show.

Changan CS15

The petrol powered Changan CS15. Price starts at 57.900 yuan and ends at 77.900 yuan. Lone engine is a 109hp 1.5.

Changan CS15

The interior of the CS15 EV, with a trendy drive-selector knob in a blue circle.

Power comes from an electric motor with 75hp and 170nm, good for a 110 km/h top speed and a range of 300 kilometers. Changan hasn’t specified whether the range is measured by the European NEDC standard or the American EPA standard, but in general Chinese manufacturers use NEDC.

Changan CS15

The Changan logo with a blue line again, sadly not as cool as the…

Changan CS15

… blue-lighted logo on the Shanghai show car.

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  1. Always interesting to see how Chinese cars and even EVs do (only) get exported to certain S.American countries. Automotively and politically “non-aligned” ballsy countries like Peru, Chile etc.
    Paul G
    Editor EVUK


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