New Tesla Model 3 starts pre-sales in China, starting price 36,000 USD, deliveries Q4

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The new version of the Tesla Model 3 started pre-sales Friday as the EV is now offered at Tesla China’s official website for 259,900 – 295,900 yuan (35,800 – 40,800 USD). The deliveries are announced for the fourth quarter. It is the first major facelift in 6 years.

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The old Tesla Model 3 started at 231,900 yuan in China, so the new mid-life facelift Model 3 is 28,000 yuan or 12% more expensive. This is contrary to the previous reports that the new Model 3 will start at 200,000 yuan. However, we expect the price of the facelifted version will be reduced in Q4 after the old Model 3 inventory is sold out.

The new Model 3 is offered in two versions: rear-wheel drive (RWD) and long-range all-wheel drive (AWD). The RWD version, offered at 259,900 yuan (35,800 USD), can drive for 606 km per CLTC. It offers a motor with 194 kW (264 hp) peak output and 340 Nm peak torque.

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AWD version, which comes with 295,900 yuan (40,800 USD) price tag, offers 713 km of CLTC range. It has 331 kW (450 hp) of peak output and 559 Nm of peak torque. The new version also offers the new generation of the vehicle body stabilizing system. For comparison, the old dual motor AWD Performance version cost 331,900 yuan (45,700 USD), so the new top trim is 36,000 yuan (5,000 USD) cheaper. The price is cheaper, but the range increased as the old Model 3 could do only 675 km based on CLTC.

The exterior of the new car adopts a new closed front face. And the new headlight shape is more narrow and the LED daytime running lights are more recognizable. The front cover borrows from the Roadster design elements. In general, the design is more concise and fog lights are removed. The new EV Model 3 also comes with two new paint options – Star Gray and Flame Red.

The side of the car does not differ much from the current model. However, the new shape of the double five-spoke wheels and more sporty shape optimize the range and lower the noise. The rear of the car also did not see many changes. So, the car overall also remains little changed. The tail light style has also been adjusted and it corresponds well with the headlights.

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The interior has an LCD center screen that can be tilted and that eliminates the pocket shift mechanism. The style of the car’s inside is refreshed and more modern. Also, the cabin speakers have been upgraded, and the seats got ventilation. In addition, the multifunction steering wheel has also been upgraded. Steering paddles have been eliminated and the indicator lights function has been integrated into the wheel.

The new Model 3 also added ambient lighting. It adopts the same 8-inch rear LCD screen as the new Tesla Model S that supports the adjustment of seat heating, air-conditioning airflow, and playback of music and video. At the same time, the new car has the new side airbags.

This is the first time Model 3 has been modified since its market entry in 2016. The refreshed model is expected to boost the EV’s sales that have so far been lagging behind Tesla’s hot-selling Model Y SUV. The current version sold 97,964 units in the first seven months of the year and was outside Top 10 best selling sedans in China for the period. On the other hand, Model Y led SUV sales with 227,564 units sold January-July. The American EV maker has made several price cuts this year trying to clear the inventory for the renewed Model 3.

Source: Yiche

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  1. In Europe Byd Atto 3 costs the same as Model 3, but Byd looks like a car from 10 years ago: half the charging speed (88 vs 150 ), no frunk, no one pedal guide, no plug&charge, 134 km WLTP range less (420 km. vs 554 km), no screen for rear passengers, lower top speed, lower acceleration…

  2. It’s worth considering that you’re comparing the price of an SUV to a sedan. There’s no need to be overly negative; without Tesla’s China gigafactory, Tesla vehicles would indeed be considerably more expensive. If you’re not a fan of the BYD Atto 3 or Chinese cars in general, remember that there are numerous other options available in the EU, although the selection might not be as extensive as it is in China.

    Furthermore, in Sweden’s August EV sales rankings, the Atto 3 outperformed the Tesla Model 3 (323 vs. 192 units). BYD is also planning to introduce more models to compete in the EU market in the near future. If the EU market doesn’t embrace them, rest assured they will adjust their strategy accordingly.


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