Tesla Model 3

A second batch of thousands of Model 3 Highlands spotted at Shanghai port for export

Thousands of 2024 Model 3 are getting ready to head to Europe.

Facelifted Model 3+ will start deliveries end of October in China

Tesla Model 3+ started sales today in China.

Specs of upgraded Tesla Model 3+ revealed by Chinese regulator

The rear badge says "Model 3+". Two options: single motor (194 kW) and dual motor (331 kW). It also offers version with NMC or LFP battery.

Tesla GF3 rolled off its 2 millionth EV, breaks the production record for 1 million units

The GF3 reaches the 2 million mark as it prepares for the production of the revamped Model 3.

New Tesla Model 3 starts pre-sales in China, starting price 36,000 USD, deliveries Q4

The new version of Tesla Model 3 started pre-sales Friday as the EV is now offered at Tesla China official website for 35,800-40,800 USD.

A batch of Tesla Model 3 Highlands spotted doing high-temperature testing in China

Deliveries from the Shanghai Giga factory are to begin in September and the price is expected to start at 200k yuan (27,400 USD)

Tesla Model 3 high-speed crash into bus caught on CCTV in China

Passenger died and the driver was taken to the hospital, according to local media

Tesla slashes price of Model 3 & Model Y in China

Tesla slashes price again after previous two price cuts. Will it help the brand to achieve its targets in China?

Aggrieved Tesla Owners Form ‘Rights Protection Group’, Kick Against Price Reductions In China

Aggrieved Tesla owners in China have formed a 'rights protection group' and stormed Tesla’s office to protest against 'right infringement' by the automaker. Here’s...