Nio to compensate 4,500 EUR EV subsidy as German government drops out

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The German government announced on Saturday that it is, with immediate effect, ending all EV subsidies known as the environmental bonus program as the country is facing a budget crisis. The program was initially supposed to continue until December 31.

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Today, Nio announced it would compensate the 4,500 EUR BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) subsidy to all buyers who buy the car between December 18 and 31. The EV must be delivered by January 31, 2024, and includes standard models and cars purchased without batteries under the Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) program.

“When you order a Nio model with BaaS up to December 31, we grant a discount of 1,500 EUR from the manufacturer’s share and an additional 3,000 EUR as compensation for the federal subsidy”, stated Nio in a press release.

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Before the subsidies end, customers in Germany could enjoy a total subsidy of 6,750 EUR (7,400 USD) to buy, and EV 4,500 EUR (4,900 USD) were covered by the government and 2,250 EUR (2,500 USD) by the manufacturer.

Nio joins other automakers who announced they will cover the subsidy. Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis, and Volkswagen announced they will provide the total subsidy for electric vehicles bought before December 31.

Nio entered the German market in October of last year and opened its first Nio House in the country two months later, on December 16. In 2023, between January and November, it registered 1,224 EVs on the German market.

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    • Dumb james thinking the subsidy was “real” and not that car companies just increased their sales price. All companies now magicially lower their prices for exaxtly the sum which the subsidy was.

      It was a nice gift for the car companies which now ended. Oh how sad.

    • The big brother forced the ruling parties to keep the war running. This country is a joke and the deindustrialization just begun.
      These idiots.

  1. You are quite right James. Currently I think German politicians are probably the most st….d people in the world .. shooting their own feet with every decision they made….to satisfied US demands…their masters.intead of taking care of their own country

    • Yes because paying endless subsidies for EVs is something of a god-given must and is just not allowed to end ever. The end was too abrupt, that’s true. But the plan was already to outphase it anyways.

      If one feels forced to buy a car in 35k€+ range and above a few thousand euros more shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. Especially given new cars are very bad financial wise with their heavy value drop after only a short time lol. But strangely for cars buyer this isn’t a problem.

    • Reducing subsidies is shooting one self in the foot why? Given the rules of ownership duration it was also a bit abused by buying it here with subsidies and then selling it in a neighbour country.

      It was already planned to be reduced anyways to about 4500€. With the car companies now suddenly lowering their prices i.e. paying the subsidy sum on their own it doesn’t change much neither.

  2. It might be an intelligent move. Electric cars will be the future. They get preferrential treatment in most countries. If they will win anyways, why pay money? Let other countries pay.

    • And to note too that other tax advantages, especially the ones for business cars, are still there. So not every EVs subsidy got canceled.


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