Yue 01 mini EV launched by third-wave Chinese automaker Electric House, price starts at 8,300 USD

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On January 16, Electric House (or EV House) launched its all-electric mini EV called Yue 01 with a price range of 59,800 – 79,800 yuan (8,300 – 11,000 USD), offering six models in two cruising range options of 251 km and 335 km for consumers to choose from. A model with a 408 km cruising range will also launch in the near future.

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Electric House’s predecessor was Xinte Automobile. During the pandemic, it withdrew itself from the market. Then in August 2021, it re-entered the market as Electric House with a new team and strategy that targets the young consumer group. At the same time in January 2021, Electric House signed a manufacturing agreement with VGV, a subsidiary of the state-owned Sinotruck, one of China’s largest truck makers founded in 1930.

Yue 01 is the second vehicle launched by Electric House after the Young Guangxiaoxin mini EV, which was launched in August 2021, priced at 59,800 – 65,800 yuan (9,400-10,300 USD).

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Positioned as a 5-door, 4-seater mini EV, the Yue 01 measures 3750/1655/1550 mm with a 2415 mm wheelbase. The overall size is much smaller than the Wuling Bingo (3950/1708/1580 mm with a 2560 mm wheelbase). The car runs on 15-inch aluminum alloy rims and adopts a dual-color exterior design.

The interior is minimalistic with a dual-color scheme that resembles the exterior. The cockpit features a vertical 10.1-inch central control screen, a 7-inch LCD instrument panel, a two-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel, and round air-conditioning outlets. The number of physical buttons is minimal as the functions are integrated into the screens. The center console has a rotary gear knob, a wireless charging pad, and two cup holder slots.

The high-end model also comes with functions such as keyless entry, remote start, remote control, OTA updates, voice recognition, and advanced driving assistance capabilities including adaptive cruise control and autonomous parking, which are realized via two ultrasonic radars.

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The entry-level model seats are made of fabric material while the rest of the series features imitation leather seats. The rear seats can be folded down to create additional storage space.

The entire series is powered by a front-mounted electric motor that outputs 35 kW and 125 Nm with a top speed of 100 km/h. Two lithium iron phosphate battery pack options supplied by Guoxuan Hi-Tech are offered: 24 kWh and 32.56 kWh, providing 251 km and 335 km cruising range (CLTC), respectively. The power consumption is 9.9 kWh/100 km and 10.3 kWh/100 km, respectively. Under fast charging, it takes 30 minutes to replenish the battery from 30% to 80%. The slow charging time has not yet been announced at this time.

Source: EV House

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  1. Yes, a re-inventing of itself……..
    Didn’t “Xinte”, aka Sitech, (aka Link Tour) tie- up with FAW, to co-develop EVs like this Young Guangxiaoxin, aka Qineng, back in 2018? The Yue 01 looks like a version of that old model, with refreshed front and rear facias.
    Perhaps that is your meaning of “third wave” .

    • “Third wave” meaning the Chinese automakers who came after companies like NIO and Li Auto, which are considered the “second wave”; and the traditional Chinese automakers like Chery being the “first wave”.

    • I need to triple check on whether EV House collaborated with FAW to develop Young Guangxiaoxin (aka GEV1) since i couldnt find any evidence to confirm this collaboration.

      • Thanks Mr. Chen. Yes, your headline, at first glance, had me expecting yet another, all new , “third” wave.
        But on the contrary, with Yue 01 I’m afraid that EV House is passing off old stuff for new.
        With regards to the GEV1, I believe that was yet another collaboration with Chengdu City in 2020.


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