Geely’s Zeekr to launch 7 car by 2026: 4 SUVs, 2 MPVs and 1 wagon

Geely-baked Zeekr’s product planning was exposed. The brand aims to launch 7 vehicles by 2026: 4 crossovers, 2 minivans, and 1 wagon.

Zeekr announced entry into Indonesian and Malaysian markets

The right-hand drive version of the Zeekr X SUV and Zeekr 009 MPV will be the first flagship models to enter Indonesia and Malaysia.

Zeekr X RHD version rolls off production line bound for Australia or Thailand

Production of right hand drive versions of the Zeekr X has begun. Deliveries overseas set to start in Q3 likely in Australia or Thailand.

Zeekr 007 becomes 5th fastest EV on FIA-approved circuit, surpasses Model S Plaid

Zeekr 007 Performance achieved faster lap time than Tesla Model S Plaid and Xiaomi SU7 at the FIA-approved Zhejiang International Circuit

Geely’s Zeekr 007 Station Wagon in pre-production, may head to Europe

Zeekr 007 station wagon, codename: CC1E, is in the works

Geely’s Zeekr raises 441 million USD on New York IPO

Geely-owned Zeekr high-end electric brand raises 441 million USD on IPO to promote its global expansion.

Zeekr 007 beats humans in complex parking test

Zeekr demonstrates advanced auto-park feature which beats human drivers for vertical stacking parking systems.

Test Drive | Zeekr 007: fast and luxurious

This luxury car will make you smile but make the passengers scream simultaneously

Zeekr 009 Grand launched in China with 4 seats and 580 kW

The Zeekr 009 Glory Edition is offered in a single trim level for 109,000 USD. It is 4,000 USD cheaper than China-made Volvo EM90.

New Zeekr 009 four-seater MPV will launch on April 19 in China

From January to March this year, only 1,424 units of the Zeekr 009 were sold.