Dongfeng Aeolus L7 enters market starting at 17,800 USD

The L7 is Dongfeng Aeolus's first plug-in hybrid SUV, available in 1,400 km and 1,500 km comprehensive ranges.

Voyah Free 318 claims longest all-electric range for PHEV

Voyah Free 318 claims to have the longest all-electric range for a hybrid SUV. Pre-sales of the Dongfeng car being May 30.

Dongfeng Voyah Zhiyin is a new pure electric SUV for China

The Voyah Zhiyin is likely to be jointly built by Voyah and Huawei.

Dongfeng eπ 008 SUV pre-sale started at 30,300 USD in China

The Dongfeng eπ 008 EV model has a 636 km range while the EREV model has a 1,300 km comprehensive range.

Voyah outlines new technologies coming to cars soon

Voyah today outlines new technologies coming to its cars at the Voyah Spring Technical Conference held in Beijing.

First pictures of Dongfeng’s extreme off-road M-Hunter

Full pictures and more information on Dongfeng M-Hunter emerge before Beijing Auto Show debut.

Not a concept: Dongfeng’s M-Hunter hard-core SUV to debut at Auto China 2024, set for mass production

Nothing to see here, just another ordinary production car.

Dongfeng Voyah H37 SUV spy shots emerge in China

New spy shots of a mid-size SUV from Dongfeng Voyah with the codename H37.

Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV launched with 330 km and 430 km ranges, price starts at 10,400 USD

Nammi 01 is a basic compact EV under Dongfeng's Nammi new energy vehicle brand. The new car is to compete with the BYD Seagull, JAC Yiwei 3, and Wuling Bingo.

Dongfeng eπ 007 electric sedan with 1,200 km range and scissor doors will start pre-sale on Jan 16 in China

eπ is an electric vehicle brand under Dongfeng. The eπ 007 will be available in EV and EREV versions.