Weekly data

China EV registrations in W19: Xiaomi 1,100, Nio 4,400, Tesla 9,800, BYD 68,500

The EV market was strongly up, expect for Tesla and Xiaomi.

China EV registrations in W18: Xiaomi 1,300, Nio 3,600, Tesla 11,000, BYD 52,300

Market was mostly down in the first week of May

China EV registrations in W17: Xiaomi 1,700, Nio 5,000, Tesla 14,800, BYD 64,000

The market was mostly up in the week 17 in China.

China EV registrations in W15: Xiaomi 2,400, Nio 2,500, Tesla 6,200, BYD 50,800

The market was mostly up in week 15, with Geely brand being exception.

China EV registrations in W4: BYD 43,300, Tesla 12,800, Aito 8,000, Nio 3,300

The whole market was up except Deepal, GAC Aion and VW.

China EV sales in W2 2024: BYD 40,300, Tesla 7,400, Nio 1,700, Aito 6,800

BYD was down 9%, Tesla was up 130%, and Nio was down 43% from the week before.

China EV sales last week of 2023: BYD 76,800, Tesla 15,800, Nio 5,700

The whole market was up WoW except Tesla in China.

China EV sales in week 51: BYD 63,900, Tesla 18,500, Nio 4,100

The whole market was up in massive end-of-year sales push except Xpeng and Denza.

China EV sales in week 50: BYD 51,700, Tesla 18,300, Nio 3,400

The December pricecuts kicked in and the whole marekt was up in a end-of-year sales push.

China EV sales in week 49: BYD 47,400, Tesla 15,400, Nio 2,900

What happend with end of year sales push?