First pictures of Dongfeng’s extreme off-road M-Hunter

Full pictures and more information on Dongfeng M-Hunter emerge before Beijing Auto Show debut.

Not a concept: Dongfeng’s M-Hunter hard-core SUV to debut at Auto China 2024, set for mass production

Nothing to see here, just another ordinary production car.

Dongfeng files for M-Hero M800 EREV off-road beast in China

M-Hero M800 is a 5.1-meter off-road beast with an EREV powertrain and CATL battery. Inside, it has four seats.

Dongfeng’s M-Hero 917 with 142 kWh battery prepares for export to Europe and the Middle East

The 1,088 horsepower hardcore SUV is getting ready for global markets.

M-Hero 917 from Dongfeng launched in China with 1,088 hp. Starts at 87,500 USD

M-Hero 917 launched in China with up to 1,088 hp, 1,032 km of CLTC range and a starting price of 87,500 USD.

Dongfeng Mengshi M-Hero 917 EV production started. 1000 HP and 505 km range under the hood

Another day, another hard-core electric SUV over $100,000 in China.

Mengshi M-Hero 917 Exposed With Over 1000 HP And 505 KM Of Range

The M-Hero 917 is a fabolous SUV with over 1,000 hp that is ready to rival the upcoming Yangwang U8 from BYD.