Dongfeng files for M-Hero M800 EREV off-road beast in China

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Dongfeng applied for a sales license for the M-Hero M800. It is a 5.2-meter EREV (extended range electric vehicle) SUV with a 1.5-liter ICE and a CATL’s ternary battery. It will become the M-Hero brand’s second model. Let’s get to know it better.

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M-Hero 917

M-Hero (猛士, Mengshi in Chinese) is a high-end NEV brand under Dongfeng. It derives from the Mengshi armored military vehicles series. Dongfeng still sells road-certified versions of those petrol-powered beasts under its own name. But it has developed the M-Hero marquee for selling trendy electric vehicles and range extenders. The new brand is positioned globally, targeting Europe and the Middle East. The first brand’s model is the M-Hero 917 SUV. It was launched in August this year. Now, Doneng is getting ready to shake the market with one more model.

More on M-Hero M800

Previously, the M-Hero product planning leaked online, revealing the brand’s intentions to launch three models with code names M18-1, M18-2 and M18-3. All of these vehicles are intended to have EV and EREV powertrain options. Their assembly process is situated at the Dongfeng plant in Wuhan. The company planned to manufacture 5,000 M18-1 models and 15,000 M18-2 models yearly. As for the M18-3, its launch is scheduled for 2026.

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The second M-Hero model, M800, stays in line with the M-Hero 917 regarding exterior styling with many sharp lines. But it has a smaller grill and bigger overhangs. On the roof, it has a drone helipad. It is also bigger than the M-Hero 917, measuring 5136/2172/2063 mm (versus 917’s 4987/2080/1935 mm). But these models’ wheelbase is similar at 2950 mm. However, the M800 has a four-seat interior layout. It hints that it was designed not for off-road purposes but for city trips with the driver.

The new off-roader has approach and departure angles of 24 and 30 degrees. It isn’t that impressive since the M-Hero 917 has 31/31-degree angles. The M800’s front and rear tracks are both 1755 mm. This SUV rides on 275/65 R20 wheels in the front and 295/60 R20 wheels in the rear. Its curb weight is 3270 kg, and its gross weight is 3740 kg.

Under the hood, the M-Hero M800 has a 1.5-liter petrol-powered ICE engine for 197 hp. It doesn’t transfer any torque to the wheels, acting like a generator. The M800 will probably share the same powertrain with the M-Hero 917. It is represented by three e-motors with a combined power output of 816 hp. They are powered by a ternary (NMC) battery pack from CATL.

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The M-Hero M800 will cost more than the 917 model since it is bigger and has a four-seat layout. In the future, the EV version of the M800 will also hit the market. So, its price will be around 700,000 yuan (97,700 USD). We will keep an eye on the M800. So stay tuned!

Source: MIIT

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