Beijing Auto Show Live: Huatai B35 BentaYenne

Published on April 23, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

The new Huatai, or Hawtai as they call themselves in English, B35 loox like a Porsche Cayenne with a Bentley grille stamped on it. All together not bad. The B35 comes with a 1.8 turbo sourced from SAIC. Price will start around 160.000 rmb. Come with that to your Bentley or Porsche dealer. Hawtai also has a new English slogan, it reads: “Drive Green. World Innovated. Hawtai Auto.” Catchy.

A non-Chinese gentleman was very interested in the B35’s suspension. When I asked why he walked away. His badge read ‘industry’ so I guess he was spying back.

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