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Extreme Tuning in China: Volkswagen Santana, the Best of the Best

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When I wrote an article about the history of the Volkswagen Santana in China I came across many interesting pics of modified Santana’s. The pics didn’t really fit in the history so I saved them for another day. That day is today!, here we go, Chinese Volkswagen Santana madness! On the first pic a brilliant blue example with a bang new front.

Volkswagen Santana tuning China

Egg-yellow is always a good color for a Volkswagen Santana 2000. Fat body kit with coolio blacked out wheels.

White body kit on a black car, an interesting experiment in good taste. Nice wheels.

Volkswagen Santana tuning China

“We don’t need no roof up here in China!”, an interesting Santana convertible.

Volkswagen Santana tuning China

Santana 2000 with a few inches extra chrome. Lotta things going on on the bonnet, all to suck some extra air into that mighty 1.8.

Yez this is what we like, Lambo-doors!

Volkswagen Santana tuning China

This one went to the movies, without a roof, the Bumblebee Santana.

Wing was so big the tires had to be very small. Won’t corner well.

Very neat, almost seems a professional job.

Another movie fan. The famous Santana Batmobile. Great piece of work this is, huge bodykit, big wing on the back, blacked out wheels, Lambo-doors and a jet-engine up front. Gotham, here it comes…

Konig, means ‘king’ in German, note small crown on windshield. Great front with DTM-style spoiler.

This beauty is my winner today. High on its wheels, Lambo-doors, a big wing and a great mess of stickers. Good car.

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