The Bumblebee-cars from China

Published on November 6, 2011 by Tycho de Feijter

The Transformers movies and franchise are extremely popular in China. Transformers-sponsor General Motors even makes a special Chevrolet Cruze Bumblebee edition which is only available in China. But there is more, much more… Have a look at the other Chinese Bumblebee-cars:

Roewe 550.

Peugeot 207.


Volkswagen Santana.

Nissan Tiida.

Ford Focus.

Chevrolet Epica.

Chevrolet Sail.


Chery QQ.

Geely China Dragon.

Best for last: the Volkswagen Santana Bumblebee convertible, and this is the second Santana drop-top on CarNewsChina.com, see the first one here, and here a Santana Batmobile.

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