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Spy Shots: new Ssangyong Rexton SUV testing in China

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New spy shots from the new Ssangyong Rexton SUV testing on Chinese roads. The new Rexton will debut in South Korea later this year. It will then go to India first to satisfy the new Indian owner Mahindra, it will be made in India from CKD-kits. Late this year it will be listed on the China car market as an import from South Korea.

new Ssangyong Rexton SUV testing in China

Chinese media expects the price to start around 200.000 yuan. Whether it will be a success is however doubtful. Ssangyong still doens’t have a decent patrol engine and the new 2.0 turbodiesel simply won’t sell because in many of China’s big cities diesel engines are forbidden.

new Ssangyong Rexton SUV testing in China

Spy shots show a neat medium-sized SUV. Well, it can’t be that hard to design something better than the current Rexton II

new Ssangyong Rexton SUV testing in China

new Ssangyong Rexton SUV testing in China

Via: Autohome.

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  1. Good thing they covered up the front and back, the last one was seriously vomit inducing. I don’t know why they sold them here, and am still surprised when I seem them around Beijing! Hopefully I won’t be visually assulted when this one comes out.


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