Honda Spirior to get a 2.0 in China

Published on May 21, 2012 by W.E. Ning

Honda Spirior

Honda will launch a new 2.0 engine for the Spirior, it is currently only available with a 2.4 and Honda wants to have a cheaper entry-level model. The Spirior, from Spirit and Superior, is a China-only Honda based on the Japanese/European Honda Accord which is sold in the US as the Acura TSX.

Honda Spirior

The Spirior is made in China by the Dongfeng-Honda joint venture. Price starts at 237.800 and ends at 271.800 yuan. The 2.4 poops out 181hp and 225nm. The tops-spec versions is called Spirior Type S, it comes with a body-kit and race wheels. Engine however still got 181hp.

Honda Spirior

Honda Spirior Type S.

Via: Autohome.


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  1. Akbar MMN- May 24, 2012 Reply

    Isn’t this is actually the Honda Accord Euro? Instead of Acura?

  2. Steve- May 25, 2012 Reply

    You are also right, Accord Euro, also sold in Australia , New Zealand, and Japan.
    I USA it is sold as a Acura with the V6 engine. but this 2.4 – 4pot is a honda accord Euro. But its is better marketing to use the Acura name to the chinese market.

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