JAC Heyue Sport Edition hits the China car market

Published on May 22, 2012 by W.E. Ning

JAC Heyue Sport Edition

The JAC Heyue Sport Edition has been launched on the Chinese car market, it is based on the standard Heyue sedan. This however is not the rumored Heyue RS which will be dressed along the lines of the Heyue RS MPV and the upcoming Tongyue RS.

JAC Heyue Sport Edition

The Heyue Sport Edition closes the gap between the standard and the RS. Special thingies: alloys, chromed doorhandles, a darker cover over the headlights and a sporty interior with ‘carbon-fiber trim’ and some blue metallic strips. That’s it. Engine is the same as in the standard Heyue, a lazy 1.5 with 113hp and 146nm, mated to a 5-speed manual. Price for all this pretty: 87.800 yuan.

JAC Heyue Sport Edition

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