Spy Shots: Dongfeng working on small EV

Dongfeng working on small EV

New spy shots show that Dongfeng is working on a small EV that will likely be sold under the Fenshen brand name. Chinese media reports that this vehicle seems to be based on an older EV concept that was developed by Anhui-Anchi a few years back. It is yet unclear how Dongfeng got their hands on it.

The vehicle loox very finished and ready to debut. It seems to meant as a small city car which indeed is the only electric kinda vehicle people in China might actually buy, especially whe the price can be kept as low as possible.

This is the original, the Anhui Anchi MC6320A concept. The company is since 2010 part of JAC. The MC6320A was developed in 2009. It never made it to production. Anhui Anchi was planning to power it by several small patrol engines or an electric motor. Size: 3190 x 1670 x 1610 and weight was 830kg.

Earlier patent drawing of the Anhui-Anchi MC6320A.

Via: Sohu.com.

2 thoughts on “Spy Shots: Dongfeng working on small EV”

  1. Dongfeng established the Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd in 2001, so this EV is a long time in coming.

    JAC has its own Tongyue and Yueyue EVs so could they have given up this Anchi design to Dongfeng perhaps? In any event I would take its sleek appearance over Smart, and imitators, any time.

  2. On the other hand, Dragon, Dongfeng Fengshen has already its E30/E30L (EJ02) which is under development in cooperation with Nova Design from Taiwan. It is possible that one of the other Dongfeng divisions copied the Anchi. There is a lot of competition between the Dongfeng divisions.

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