Great Wall Wingle 5 European Edition hits the China car market

Great Wall Wingle 5 European Edition hits the China car market

The Great Wall Wingle 5 European Edition pickup truck has been launched on the China car market. Price starts at 79.800 yuan and ends at 119.800 yuan. The Wingle 5 European Edition is a slightly more upmarket variant of the base Wingle 5. The European Edition has an extra stylish front to make it look more like a passenger car. Compare:


The base Great Wall Wingle 5. Price starts at 64.800 yuan and ends at 109.800 yuan. Engines are all the same for the Wingle 5 and Wingle 5 European Edition: 2.4 petrol, 2.0 turbo diesel, and 2.8 turbo diesel. Only transmission is a 5-speed manual. RWD is standard, AWD is optional.


Rear is the same as on base Wingle 5.


Dash is more different with better materials, a large screen, and fake-leather seat covers. Compare:


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I’m curious to know more about the Jeep-like vehicles seen in the pictures.


“European Edition”
Did we miss something?
Aside from the UK and the Steed intro there, we wonder what other European countries have homologized the Great Wall model.


They have a factory in some Eastern European country – maybe Bulgaria if my memory serves me correctly.


Sale in Italy

ivan Thomson

Owner of the 2015 steed5 2.2 with little miner problems e.g. brake callipers which sound like an ice cream bukkie and radical idling otherwise its a fantastic vehicle. On tar n dead roads. Now I am interested to the steed 5e.