Haima S5 SUV debuts on the Beijing Auto Show

Haima S5 SUV debuts on the Beijing Auto Show

Tha Haima S5 SUV debuted on the Beijing Auto Show, looking very froggy in green and equipped with a heavily chromed grille built up around the Haima logo. The Haima S5 will be launched on the China car market in May. Price will start around 95.000 yuan and end around 130.000 yuan.


The Haima S5 is the second SUV for the Haima brand after the larger Haima S7.

Power comes from a turbocharged 1.5 liter four-cylinder with 150hp and 210nm mated to a 5-speed manual or a CVT sending power to the front wheels. A naturally aspirated 1.5 will become available in late 2014 and Haima is working on a 180hp 1.8 turbo for 2015. Size: 4285/1818/1653mm, wheelbase is 2642mm.


A sporty interior with two-tone leather seats, fake alu elements, a piano black center console, a small screen on top, and sporty dials.


Somebody at Haima likes vague colors. What about red or black? This, we think, is a kinda blue.

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Altough the design it’s obviously based on some hyundai crossover… I really like this one, the interior it’s pretty original, and the green looks great on it… just remove all that chrome on the grille and it will be one of the best looking chineese cars out there


The chrome on the doors looks awful, and the electric window buttons should be placed on the doors, not the central console. Other than that, it’s a great looking SUV.