Porsche Macan hits the Chinese auto market

Published on July 3, 2014 by Joey Wang


The much anticipated Porsche Macan has been launched on the Chinese auto market. Price starts at 558.000 yuan and ends at 989.000 yuan ($90.000 – 145.000). Porsche expects China to become the largest market worldwide for the Macan within this year, with unconfirmed rumors saying 10.000 cars have been ordered already.


The Macan is powered by a 235hp turbocharged 2.0 4-cylinder (Macan), a 335hp 3.0 V6 (Macan S) or a 400hp 3.6 V6 turbo (Macan Turbo).

The cheaper four-cylinder Macan will bring Porsche within reach of a giant audience with enough cash to spare for a semi-exclusive luxury car. Prices however could go lower still. Late last year rumors surfaced about local production of the Macan in China but this has been strongly denied by Porsche, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Porsche is at least thinking about it anyway.


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  1. AK- July 3, 2014 Reply

    Hey Tycho,

    I can confirm 100%, Porsche strategy for China is all-import based, with no joint venture local production.

  2. Colin- July 5, 2014 Reply

    Good to see this is an import only. I always get a small laugh at the idea of spending import bucks on locally made BMW 3’s and other “look at how great I am” German cars which are produced domestically.

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