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Huawei-BAIC’s STELATO brand will release an all-electric sedan in 2024

The new car will be unveiled in the first half of 2024 in the 42,000 - 56,000 USD price range.

GAC Aion’s one-millionth vehicle rolled off production line, world’s fastest vehicle brand to do so

The world's fastest vehicle brand to do so, it took GAC Aion 4 years and 8 months to reach the one millionth vehicle production milestone.

Dayun’s Yuanhang H8 pure electric SUV enters market with 950 km range, price starts at 49,200 USD

The Yuanhang H8 has a staggering upward price point of 78,000 USD, available in 560 km, 610 km, 650 km, 700 km, and 950 km cruising ranges.

Leapmotor C10 SUV will start pre-sale on January 10, available in EV and EREV

As Leapmotor's first global SUV, the C10 is expected to launch in the overseas market in the future.

Chery Fengyun T9 plug-in hybrid SUV rolled off production line in China

The Fengyun T9 is the plug-in hybrid version of the Chery Tiggo 9, and will be available in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

Yuanhang Y6 all-electric sedan with 1,020 km range launched, price starts at 45,100 USD

The Yuanhang Y6 offers four cruising ranges: 620 km, 720 km, 810 km, and 1,020 km, available in rear-wheel and four-wheel drives.

BAIC’s ArcFox Alpha T5 all-electric SUV with CATL battery and 660 km range launched, price starts at 21,800 USD

All models come in two-wheel drive with two cruising ranges of 520 km or 660 km, and a drag coefficient of 0.245Cd.

BYD Yuan UP all-electric SUV will have 301 km and 401 km ranges

The Yuan UP is expected to be BYD's smallest SUV to date.

Geely’s Dragon Eagle-1 first China-made automotive-grade chip is on more than 200,000 vehicles

So far, Dragon Eagle-1 can be found on the Lynk & Co 08 SUV, Lynk & Co 06 EM-P SUV, and Livan 7 SUV.

Chery Fengyun A8 plug-in hybrid sedan with 1,400 km range pre-sale starts at 18,200 USD

Earlier this year, Chery brought back the Fengyun series to focus on new energy vehicles and plans to launch 11 models in the next two years. The first model is the Fengyun A8.